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I've been lurking for some time, in part because my spare time has been focused on writing a book with my husband Eric.

Last night, we declared it ready for public viewing, and we've published it as an e-book.

Its been a long journey, but very worthwhile. Especially when we had it edited by a professional and discovered how many typos had escaped both of us. Using the suggestions she provided, we made it better. We also had the best proofreader, my Mother-in-law. Eric is a self-confessed 'Typo King' and she has years of experience checking his work.

What makes a Vampire? Is it the need for blood? If so, then the people who are infected with ‘the Vampire Virus’ qualify. Get the right strain and you’ll never be sick again – as long as you get regular blood transfusions. Get the wrong strain and you’re dead. When federal agencies prove inadequate to contain the new threat to public health, Congress creates The Centers for Disease Control Tactical Team, or CDCTT, to work with police across the country, helping separate fact from fiction when dealing with people who would exploit the disease for their own ends.

Haunted by his past, FBI Special Agent Andrew Taylor has pushed his way into the CDCTT but his teammates are not sure if he’s the right man for this job. When a legal battle by divorced parents over infecting an eight year old to save him from terminal cancer becomes a flashpoint, they must rely on each other to save everyone from the threat of ‘Zero,’ a madman who claims to be the ‘King of the Vampires’. Is he there to disrupt the trial, or to advance his own dark agenda?

If this interested in it, it's up on Amazon:

It should be up on Barnes and Noble and Kobo later this week!

Date: 2012-12-23 03:40 am (UTC)
rhi: Connor just won the battle with the Kurgan; text reads "My fic is done!" (my fic is done)
From: [personal profile] rhi
Congrats on finishing it!


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